Issue 35, January 2022

ATAL Wins HR Awards for Providing a Top Workplace and Family-friendly Policies

People are ATAL’s greatest asset, and winning HR accolades has special significance for the Group. In the CTgoodjobs Best HR Awards 2021, we won the “Top Workplace Companies Awards – Gold”, a new award category for creating an excellent workplace by prioritising a people-centred culture. We also took the “Best Family-friendly Employment Policy Award – Grand” which recognises our achievements in helping our people balance work and life through caring HR policies and practices.

Dr Otto Poon, Chairman of ATAL Engineering Group, said, “Nurturing talent has always been a priority for the Group and the industry. We are honoured by the HR awards and will continue to provide an engaging environment for our people to unleash their full potential, achieve the most out of their work and family lives, and make an impact on the community.”

The awards evaluated companies against a wide range of criteria, such as how trustworthy the company is in times of crises; employees’ physical and emotional health; and the company’s community impact. Also evaluated were staff compensation and benefits, performance management, growth opportunities, employee engagement, flexible work arrangements, and support for staff’s children and their elderly family members.

ATAL believes it is important to create a rewarding employee experience for our people since their first day of joining, so that they are fully engaged and can grow with the company. As employees progress through different stages in their professional and family lives, they also have different needs at every stage which the Group’s HR policies can satisfy. A good example is our continuous talent development programme with proven training schemes to ensure adequate intake of young blood. We established a series of staff development programmes which are available to staff members of varying seniority to develop the essential management skills, mindsets and business acumen required to move them up the career ladder. A new ATAL Training Centre adopting cutting-edge technologies such as VR for training was opened in September 2021 too, further enriching our staff development capabilities.

In crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, we set up a Special Taskforce to ensure that all precautionary measures were taken to protect our people and their families, while holding a series of online recreational workshops to help our people stay healthy and positive as they worked from home. We also care about giving back to the community, mainly through staff participation in charitable events and collaboration with NGOs to organise voluntary services for the less privileged in society.

“As we continue to pursue our ‘New Technology, New Market and New Business Model’ strategies, we will need motivated staff well-versed in innovative technologies, which is only possible in an engaging and happy work environment,” said Dr Poon. “The awards underscore the success of our HR policies in facilitating the long-term development of our Group and the industry.”