Issue 52, Aug 2022

ATAL Kicks off 2022 Graduate Trainee Programme


ATAL Engineering Group’s 2022 Graduate Trainee Programme officially started with our kick-off event held earlier at ATAL Training Centre. Welcoming 38 Graduate Trainees (GTs) out of a total intake of 42, the Group’s Chairman, Ir Dr Otto Poon, gave some personal words of wisdom in a speech to the group of rising talents on what it means to be an engineer at ATAL and shared with them our Group’s Vision, Mission and Core Values. Senior management members also showed their support with active participation and sharing with the GTs their career and industry experience.

Ir Dr Otto Poon, Chairman of ATAL Engineering Group said, “Nurturing talent is one of the Group’s top priorities and central to our long-term success – equipping ambitious and open-minded individuals with strong technical skills, while providing guidance on teamwork and professionalism keeps us at the forefront of the electrical and mechanical (E&M) engineering services industry. We are dedicated to presenting quality training opportunities to our trainees and staff, to strengthen individual development, and fostering Group culture on trust and business ethics.”

ATAL has been conducting the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Scheme A Graduate Training programme since the 1980s. The programme emphasises implementation of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, forming a strong and well-rounded engineering foundation and teaching specialist skills to the participants. Over the next two years, this group of talented GTs will work across various functions with individual mentors, receiving the necessary coaching and guidance to develop their skills and becoming well-rounded engineers ready to progress their careers. ATAL has trained more than 1,000 GTs and Technician Trainees over the years as part of its role in nurturing talent in the industry.

In addition to the Scheme A programme for engineering graduates, ATAL established its Training and Development (TnD) Unit in 2020 to demonstrate its commitment to elevating professionalism among all levels of staff and supporting their career and personal development. We are committed to encouraging all-round staff development to foster our people-centric culture.

At present, we have developed 12 internal training series and provide 4 other tailor-made training programmes for employees that assist with their career advancement, namely, Young Engineers Scheme (YES), Total Operation Management (TOM), Leaders Executives Accelerating Programme (LEAP), and Synergy, Holisticity, Innovation, Networking, Excellence (SHINE). Each programme targets specific groups of young talents with different levels of professional working experience and development needs. Upon their completion of the Scheme A Programme, our GTs can take part in the YES programme, our tailor-made 1-year extension course to further establish their engineering careers.

Welcome once again to all our Graduate Trainees this year!

Group’s Chairman Ir Dr Otto Poon and senior management welcome all our new GTs for joining ATAL