Issue 25, September 2021

ATAL’s prominence in Mainland China bolstered by iconic projects
參與中國內地標誌性項目 凸顯集團優勢

China’s progress toward urbanisation has been unprecedented in its speed and scale over the past three decades. In recognising dedicated resourcing as being required to effectively access the market in Mainland China, ATAL had established project teams in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou as early as the 1990s. Since then, the Group has solidified its position across the professional and commercial infrastructure development landscape with significant engineering contributions to a series of iconic projects: most notably the award-winning Hong Kong Jockey Club Conghua Racecourse and WF Central; and more recently, the Shanghai Xujiahui Centre.

Among our projects that served China’s urbanisation and infrastructure development programme, the following highlights the group’s exemplary achievements.

Shanghai Xujiahui Centre Hong Qiao Block (ITC)
ITC, a mega integrated development in the core of Puxi’s Xujiahui commercial hub, spans a gross floor area of 700,000 square metres, including over 330,000 square metres of top-grade offices, more than 260,000 square metres of prime retail space, and a luxury hotel.

ATAL was awarded the contract to install the air-conditioning system for ITC’s T2 tower; and the electrical installation for the basement, located approximately 37 metres below the ground (at the deepest end). Our expertise in the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) – an intelligent model-based process – has been and will continue to be instrumental in providing insights to effective work management as well as reducing technical issues throughout the project lifecycle.

ITC will be a 370-metre-high skyscraper. As the tallest building in Puxi, the construction of such a high-rise building is well recognised as being challenging and therefore requires considerable pre-planning and consideration of critical factors, such as transportation of building materials, to maximise the productivity and efficiency at the construction site.

To optimise site management and operational efficiency, the project team has adopted the intelligent site information system to enable it to have a clear, complete, and up-to-the-minute view of safety and site performance, capacity, and environmental factors (e.g. level of dust, noise, temperature, humidity).

Upon full completion, expected to be late 2023, the ITC is set to become one of the most sought-after landmarks in Shanghai, fuelling business activity and further strengthening the overall competitive edge of Xujiahui.

WF Central
Occupying a prime site on Wangfujing Street in Dongcheng District in the heart of Beijing, WF Central is a luxury flagship commercial centre and an architectural landmark for high-end retail and fashion brands. It is located within walking distance from the Forbidden City and the Central Business District of Beijing.

ATAL was commissioned to install electrical services, HVAC services, plumbing, and drainage services for WF Central in Beijing, a structure that spans across 150,000 square metres. Our high standards in project design, management, and engineering quality was recognised by two prestigious awards, China Construction and Engineering Luban (魯班) Prize (National Quality Project) by China Construction Industry Association – a top honour within China’s construction sector; and Excellence Award for China Installation (Star of China Installation) which bestows good management and safety practices within the industry.

Hong Kong Jockey Club Conghua Racecourse
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Conghua Racecourse is a modern, high-tech, world-class facility for the training of Hong Kong’s thoroughbred racehorses. Located approximately 200 kilometres from Hong Kong in Guangzhou, it is more than twice the size of Hong Kong’s Shatin Racecourse. Covering 1.5 million square metres, the Conghua Racecourse can house more than 660 active, in-training horses at its current stable capacity.

ATAL was appointed to provide electrical, air-conditioning, plumbing, drainage, fire services, and Extra-Low Voltage (ELV) systems to this premium racecourse establishment. Our ability to embed innovative thinking into the frontend design process, together with the use of advanced construction technology, such as the application of BIM in the design of the plant rooms, ensured a standard of workmanship befitting a high-quality horse racing environment.

Our engineering excellence was again proven by having won two distinguished awards, namely the Luban (魯班) Prize and both the Gold Award and Excellence Award of the 2018 Guangdong Construction Award (2018年度廣東省建設工程), the greatest honour within the construction industry in the Guangdong Province.

Ir Victor Law, Managing Director of ATAL Engineering Group, said: “Our key to success as a major player in Mainland China’s urbanisation and infrastructural development is the result of performing and delivering to our commitments with the highest standards, applying innovative technology, and being culturally adaptive. Boosting our presence to continuously participate in high-profile projects on the mainland is one of the Group’s key priorities. In doing so, we aim to bring economic opportunities but more importantly, enhance cross-regional connectivity to create sustainable value within the community we operate in.”

Our solid project management track record and our expertise to adopt cutting-edge technologies to benefit our clients are fundamental to strengthen our competitiveness and expand our presence regionally. Looking ahead, the Group is well placed to capture the opportunities that have received increasing attention, such as the Belt and Road Initiative and Greater Bay Area development plan.

ATAL provided the air-conditioning system for ITC’s T2 tower and the electrical installation for its basement

BIM was adopted in the Conghua Racecourse project, ensuring a high-quality horse racing environment

WF Central in Beijing received two prestigious awards in recognition of our high standards in project design, management, and engineering quality

Donation to support recovery efforts in Henan Province

ATAL employees are highly supportive of the Group’s efforts around the health and wellbeing of communities where we have operations. Our strong presence in Mainland China is characterised by our multi-faceted co-operation and connectivity that integrates infrastructural development with environmental, cultural, and social development – reaffirming our role as a socially responsible corporate citizen.

In the wake of heavy rainfall and severe flooding in the Henan Province that have led to major river overflows, public transportation disruptions, and property and infrastructure damage, the Group raised over HK$1.1 million to support the recovery efforts in the Province. In acknowledging that time is of the essence for the millions of people who had been impacted, the amount was raised – with the support of staff members from all offices in Hong Kong and across the border – in less than one week. The donation was sent to Henan authorities, care of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, aiming to provide assistance to the flood victims and help rebuild their homes as soon as possible.

The Group raised funds to support Henan’s disaster relief