Issue 78, Feb 2024

Analogue Earns “Outstanding Listed Companies Award” for Exemplary Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Advocacy

安乐工程集团致力实现良好企业管治及推动可持续发展 荣获「上市公司年度大奖」

Since listing on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 2019, Analogue Holdings Limited (stock code: 1977), the parent company of ATAL Engineering Group, has garnered multiple listed companies awards organised by prestigious financial media and organisations. These accolades acknowledge the Group’s excellence in diverse areas, including business and financial performance, corporate governance, investor relations, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

One of the esteemed accolades received by our Group is the “Outstanding Listed Companies Award”, co-organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Financial Analysts and Professional Commentators Limited (IFAPC) and Metro Finance. Our Group has won the “Outstanding Listed Companies Award” for the fourth consecutive year since 2019, reflecting our consistent commitment to excellence.

“Our Group remains steadfast in its commitment to maintaining the utmost standards of corporate governance while actively fostering sustainable business development”, said Ir Raymond Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Analogue Holdings Limited at the award presentation ceremony. “With decades of development in the electrical and mechanical engineering field, our Group is committed to continuously achieving excellence in innovation, business development, and talent cultivation”, Ir Chan further added.

The consistent recognition from IFAPC and Metro Finance not only proves that our Group is deemed favourably by the investors for our exceptional performance in corporate governance, but also affirms our contribution to promoting the sustainable development of Hong Kong as an international financial centre.

Our Chief Executive Officer Ir Raymond Chan, giving an acceptance speech at the award presentation ceremony.

Analogue Holdings Limited (stock code: 1977) received “Outstanding Listed Companies Award” for exemplary corporate governance and sustainable development advocacy.