Issue 56, Oct 2022

ATAL Shares Insights into Transforming Built Environment with Smart Technologies

以智能科技缔造优质建筑环境 安乐工程分享心得

As an industry leader in electrical and mechanical (E&M) engineering, ATAL Engineering Group (ATAL) is glad to share its knowledge and experience with fellow practitioners. Ir Dave Chan, the Group’s Chief Executive of Information, Communications and Building Technologies (ICBT), has been a guest speaker at the “Best Practice Sharing Session” held earlier for staff of the Hong Kong Productivity Council. He shared his insights into how we could shape the future of our built environment with smart technologies.

“The built environment offers ample opportunities to transform Hong Kong into a smart and green city and achieve carbon neutrality. The capability to deliver unique and innovative solutions will be a key success factor in this process,” Ir Chan said.

During the session Ir Chan outlined ATAL’s journey in digitalising clients’ facilities and buildings for greater operational efficiency and energy performance over the past four decades, elaborating on ATAL’s role in landmark projects such as Two ifc, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities and more recently the Victoria Dockside, etc.

Our works cover green and intelligent building solutions integrating a wide range of information and communications technologies with AI, robotic solutions, energy and management technologies to increase connectivity and contribute to the development of Hong Kong’s Smart City vision.

Ir Chan also shared his views on industry trends and market opportunities arising from Government’s initiatives in Smart City development and the greater awareness of innovation and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria among businesses and the community. Also highlighted were ATAL’s Blue Ocean Strategy in creating and capturing new market space and the Group’s edge in innovation and technology which distinguished it from competitors.

As a pioneer in the industry, our Chief Executive of ICBT Ir Dave Chan shares ATAL’s journey of digital and green transformation at “Best Practice Sharing Session” organised by Hong Kong Productivity Council