Issue 37, January 2022

Analogue Honoured with ListCo Excellence Awards 2021 Gaining Cross-Border Recognition

安乐工程集团荣获杰出上市公司大奖2021, 成就备受中港两地媒体肯定

The year 2021 saw Analogue winning multiple awards for its outstanding performance as a listed company, a notable example being the “ListCo Excellence Awards 2021” which is the only award to be jointly presented by cross-border financial media from mainland China and Hong Kong.

Ir Raymond Chan, Executive Director of Analogue Holdings Limited , said, “We are honoured to achieve the award which recognises our excellence in innovation and sustainability in the electrical and mechanical (E&M) engineering industry.”

Jointly organised by Hong Kong media “am730”, mainland Chinese media “Phoenix New Media” and PR Asia, it is the only award presented by Mainland-Hong Kong cross-border financial media. Leveraging a professional judging panel comprising fund managers, top-tier stock commentators and analysts, with selection criteria covering the eligible companies’ performance in diverse aspects including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), the award provides investors with a valuable indication for outstanding listed companies.

Analogue is committed to incorporating green elements into its business development. Having developed the environmental engineering business over the past 40 years, the Group has recently established its first green finance framework to fund projects that can bring environmental and sustainable development benefits, while supporting the Group in implementing its business strategies and realising its vision.

As a leading E&M engineering service provider, Analogue also pioneers in applying innovative technologies such as Modular Integrated Construction (MiC), Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Multi-Trade Integrated Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MiMEP) systems to both public and private sector projects. The Group’s edge in innovation and technology, together with its track record in sustainability projects and practices, enable it to capture new opportunities in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and overseas. Analogue’s overall business continued to achieve sustainable growth, with a record high value of outstanding contracts in hand amounting to HK$11.9 billion in the first half of 2021, underscoring the Group’s strong foundation for sustained and promising development.

“Leveraging our growth strategy of ‘New Technology’, ‘New Market’ and ‘New Business Model’, effective ESG initiatives, and all-round training programmes to nurture talent, we are well positioned for collaboration opportunities with new partners to further expand our global footprint,” Ir Chan said.

Analogue achieves the “ListCo Excellence Awards 2021”, the only award to be jointly presented by cross-border financial media from mainland China and Hong Kong. Ir Raymond Chan (left), Executive Director of Analogue, receives the award on behalf of the Group.