Issue 26, September 2021

Nurturing Talents through Continuous Learning Culture

At ATAL, our people are the heart of our business, and the face of our brand. It is essential that they are equipped with the professional skills they need to thrive and deliver business value. Creating a culture of continuous learning that facilitates talent development in a learner-centric way has therefore remained a core part of our people management strategy.

Every employee brings unique experience and knowledge to our business, and we believe that continuous learning is an effective approach to connect an employee’s knowledge with the operation of the Group. “Professional talents have always been the most important assets of the Group and the industry. Therefore, the Group has been committed to providing a diverse range of training and internship opportunities to our colleagues,” said Dr Otto Poon Lok-To, Chairman of ATAL Engineering Group.

Nurturing employees is about providing the space they need to grow and prosper in our business. A recent milestone in the Group’s active investment in our people is the official opening of ATAL Training Centre (“ATC”) in Hong Kong. Spanning across a floor area of over 3,500 sq. ft., ATC serves as a dedicated training space for our people to enhance their professional skills covering various training programmes that fit their professions and long-term career development.

Adhering to our focus on creating cultures of innovation and continuous learning to encourage our people to advance the way they work, the Group has adopted a wide range of cutting-edge technologies at ATC, including the application of Virtual Reality (“VR”) technology in its training programmes – a breakthrough in Hong Kong’s electrical and mechanical (“E&M”) industry. Training programmes can be carried out in a flexible manner leveraging the adoption of VR to enable more dynamic experience for our people.

Among the innovative technologies adopted at ATC, an experience zone is under the spotlight to showcase the Group’s commitment in innovation. Technological advancements applied or self-developed by the Group for its core business segments, including Internet of Things (“IoT”), Building Information Modelling (“BIM”), Multi-Trade integrated Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (“MiMEP”) 3D printing model, smart safety helmet, AI-driven platform, advanced buffer and over-speed governor for lifts, are demonstrated at the experience zone to enable our people to learn more about the Group’s competitive advantages in an interactive approach, especially in response to the latest technologies that impact virtually every profession.

We believe talents sharing the same values and beliefs with the Group will be more motivated and therefore invest more of themselves in achieving outstanding results and contributing to the Group’s business success. As such, the design of ATC has adopted our corporate core values and guiding principles as expressed through its interior design, with a library and multi-purpose function rooms to strengthen team bonding. The Group’s development milestones are also showcased at ATC’s entrance as a soft approach to strengthen our people’s understanding and sense of belonging to the Group.

Despite the challenges imposed by the pandemic, the Group has fully utilised its online resources to provide training for talent cultivation. The opening of ATC allows our people to enjoy more diversified training options to fully benefit from the programmes. This creates synergy with the Group’s online resources and training platform “ATALent” launched in 2020. “ATALent” offers the latest training information, including videos of our different training courses that our people can review or retrieve anytime and anywhere, thereby building a corporate culture of life-long learning.

The Group is committed to encouraging all-round staff development to foster its people-centric culture. At present, we have developed 12 internal training programmes, covering ATAL familiarisation; management sharing; professional technologies; quality, safety and environmental protection; BIM; project management; contract management; soft skills; information technology; enterprise resource planning and other occupational skills, etc. We also customise various programmes according to the career development needs of our people. Based on our training amounting to over 30,000 hours in 2020, we are targeting to achieve 15 hours of training per employee per year with the establishment of ATC.

We believe that if our employees’ potentials can be unleashed, it will bring benefits to themselves, their teams and ultimately the Group. “The opening of ATC sets an important milestone in our talent cultivation,” said Dr Poon. “Looking ahead, we will continue to uphold our strategies of New Technology, New Market and New Business Model, strive to develop and introduce further innovative technologies not only for our business applications, but also for our talent training to promote the long-term development of the Group and the industry.”

Left: ATC officially opens to provide a dedicated training space to its employees

Right: An experience zone showcasing the Group’s innovative technologies applied or self-developed for its four core businesses segments

Left: ATC is equipped with facilities including classrooms, a library and multi-purpose meeting rooms, to provide colleagues with a comfortable and practical environment for training

Right: The Group’s development milestones are showcased at ATC’s entrance, enabling colleagues to strengthen their knowledge and sense of belonging to the Group