ATAL designs, builds, operates, and maintains environmental engineering projects. Based on our technological capabilities and experience, our in-house R&D teams have developed our own intellectual property in environmental engineering technologies. Currently, China has an urgent need to improve the environment, and the government is implementing and enforcing a rigorous regulatory framework around environmental protection. We have over 40 years of experience in environmental engineering, and we are constantly working to improve our technologies and processes to cope with new challenges. Our large research and development team based in Hong Kong works collaboratively with top universities to provide state of the art, customized solutions for our clients.

Currently, we own the intellectual property rights to 12 core technologies in wastewater and solid waste treatment. For wastewater treatment, these include High Rate Clarifiers (AMSFS), High Rate Clarifier II (AMSFS II), High Rate Clarifier III (AMSFM), Biological Aerated Filters (ABAF), Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation (AANAMMOX), Membrane Bioreactors (AMBR), and Cross Flow Sedimentation (ACROSS) technologies. For solid waste treatment, our proprietary technologies include Thermal Hydrolysis for Anaerobic Digestion (ATHPAD), High Loading Anaerobic Digestion (AHLAD), Sludge Drying Systems (ASDS), Organic Waste Treatment Facilities (AOWTF), and Automatic Refuse Collection Systems (ARCS).