We are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner whilst intensifying our support to customers on transitioning to a smart and low-carbon future. By integrating sustainability into our operation and business strategy, we endeavour to create shared values for leading the development towards a more connected and sustainable future.

Dr. Poon Lok To Otto

Corporate Sustainability Strategy Framework

The Group’s corporate sustainability strategy adopts a long-term view on achieving sustainable growth and development. With inputs from our stakeholders, we have developed a Sustainability Strategy Framework that underpins a more targeted and integrated approach to achieving our goals.


Minimise the environmental impacts of our operations through decarbonisation and responsible consumption of resources.

  • Low-Carbon Operation

    To reduce our carbon footprint through our operations that support the transition to a low-carbon future.

  • Resources Optimisation

    To ensure effective use of resources to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations, enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

  • Climate Risk Management

    To identify and respond to climate-related risks across our operations and enhance our adaptability and resilience to climate change.


Improve the quality of life and make the city smarter and greener.

  • Smart and Healthy Living

    To promote a smart, healthy and livable city using innovative applications to connect and improve people’s living environment.

  • Climate Solutions

    To promote optimisation of buildings and infrastructure to achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction.

  • Clean Water and Sanitation

    To apply advanced technology for potable water and wastewater treatment to enhance water quality and resilience.


Attain customer satisfaction by embedding sustainability principles along the value chain, leveraging engineering excellence, professionalism, and quality service in close collaboration with key stakeholders.

  • Customers

    To deliver quality, reliable and excellent products and services, while ensuring the rights and interests of customers are well protected.

  • Subcontractors and Suppliers

    To manage and develop collaborative working relationships with our subcontractors and our wider supply chain partners to ensure project quality, manage supply chain risks and improve project efficiency.

  • Community

    To support and make a difference to the long-term development of communities through corporate social responsibility programmes and donations.


Advance organisation capability by sustaining a people-centric and inclusive workplace, promoting good health and well-being, and fostering a continuous learning and innovation culture.

  • People-Centric Workplace

    To foster a people-centric culture and develop a healthy, supportive, and productive workplace where our employees can take pride in their work.

  • Nurturing Our People

    To cultivate a continual learning culture and professionalism among our people across all levels and support their career and personal development. We also aim to nurture a pipeline of engineering professionals and leaders that can adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

  • Health and Safety

    To safeguard the health and safety of employees and all interested parties and provide a safe and healthy workplace.

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance Report