Issue 34, January 2022

Analogue Debuts First Green Loan in Hong Kong E&M Sector Sustainability Milestone
安樂工程首筆綠色信貸 本港機電工程業可持續發展里程碑

A pioneer and leader in environmental engineering for more than four decades, ATAL Engineering Group has again raised the bar for the industry, becoming the first E&M engineering group in Hong Kong to have obtained the Green Loan Pre-Issuance Stage Certificate under the Green and Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme launched by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA). The Group subsequently obtained its first green loan of HK$300 million, with proceeds earmarked for enhancing water and wastewater management.

Dr Otto Poon, Chairman of ATAL Engineering Group, said, “We are proud to launch our first green loan instrument and take another step towards integrating sustainability into all aspects of our business as an innovative green leader creating shared value for Hong Kong.” Indeed, the Group has devoted considerable resources over the years to enhancing technologies in energy optimisation and green energy development; and developing other innovative environmental solutions through collaborating with universities.

HKQAA’s Green and Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme adopts the same scheme design and core methodology as its original Green Finance Certification Scheme, while emphasising the importance of impact assessment, stakeholder engagement and transparency. By broadening the certification to “green and sustainable”, HKQAA is allowing issuers to choose the scope of certification according to the objectives of their financial instrument and send a clearer message to investors or stakeholders about the intended use of the proceeds and the planned positive impact.

The HKQAA certification follows right after another sustainability milestone for ATAL. In November 2021, the Group became the first E&M engineering group in Hong Kong to obtain a Sustainable Finance Certification from the Construction Industry Council (CIC). The newly launched CIC Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme provides a common framework and user-friendly assessment system to help the construction industry raise sustainable finance and further Hong Kong’s drive to become a leading sustainable finance hub of Asia and a carbon-neutral green city.

With the CIC certification, ATAL has put in place its first Green Finance Framework, which will facilitate the Group to enter into Green Financing Transactions (GFTs) to fund projects that deliver environmental and sustainable benefits, support the Group’s vision and strategies, and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Embracing sustainable finance with its first $300 million green loan is just the start for ATAL. The Group will continue to leverage its expertise and make more use of green finance instruments and GFTs to fund innovative projects that make positive impacts on the environment and sustainability.

In a related piece of good news, the Group has achieved four awards under “Hong Kong Green and Sustainable Finance Awards 2021” organised by HKQAA, in recognition of its efforts to integrate environmental, social, governance (ESG) elements into its various businesses. The four awards include one organisation award, namely “Outstanding Award for Green and Sustainable Loan Issuer (Construction Industry) – Visionary Green Loan Framework”, and three individual awards, namely “Leadership Award for Green and Sustainable Finance Development” and “Strategist Awards for Green and Sustainable Finance Development”. The CIC and HKQAA certifications and the HKQAA awards are a testimony to ATAL’s commitment to putting green solutions, sustainable development and people at the heart of everything it does to help make the world a better place.

Mr. Peter Cheng, CFO of Analogue Holdings Limited, receives awards on behalf of the Group at the “Hong Kong Green and Sustainable Finance Awards 2021” ceremony organised by HKQAA