Issue 31, November 2021

Hong Kong’s First Puzzle-Stacking Automated Parking System to Promote “Smart Mobility” Initiatives
全港首個拼圖型自動泊車系統 積極推動「智慧出行」政策

Hong Kong’s first commercial puzzle-stacking car parking system was launched on 25 November 2021, marking a milestone in the implementation of the Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong 2.0. Anlev Elevator Group, under ATAL Engineering Group, installed this next-generation parking system.

Dr Otto Poon, Chairman of ATAL Engineering Group, said, “It is our great pleasure to help advance Smart Mobility for Hong Kong as part of the government’s pilot project to build Hong Kong’s first puzzle-stacking carpark, earning trust from the market and various stakeholders.”

Situated on a government land lot at the junction of Hoi Shing Road and Hoi Kok Street in Tsuen Wan, the project is one of several Transport Department pilot projects in Automated Parking Systems (APS) to increase the provision of car parking spaces in Hong Kong. In general, an APS is equipped with mechanical devices, such as a vehicle elevator and a revolving/horizontal vehicle moving platform, allowing for the automatic positioning and retrieval of parked cars.

The pilot projects aim to help the government gain relevant experience in building, operating and managing different types of APS, paving the way for wider APS application in government and privately operated public carparks to address the city’s car parking space shortages.

Anlev took on the Tsuen Wan project’s APS challenge. Making efficient use of a space originally designated for about 30 outdoor parking spaces, Anlev installed six sets of a three-storey high puzzle-stacking system. The system provides 78 automated parking spaces, more than double the number of conventional parking spaces with the same footprint. Equipped with multiple motion sensors, the system upholds the highest safety standards and fully complies with the Lifts and Escalators Ordinance. The site now provides a total of 245 car parking spaces, with 78 APS spaces and the rest of conventional spaces.

The semi-automatic system deployed by Anlev includes a fast-lifting platform and a three-layer stacking design that makes parking much more convenient. The driver simply leaves the car in the designated spot and the platform will automatically move vertically or laterally to bring the car to a vacant parking space. The entire process takes only one to two minutes, eliminating the time and the hassle of looking for a vacant space. Retrieving the car is as equally hassle-free, as the parked vehicle is automatically delivered to the driver at a designated spot.

“ATAL’s proven expertise in deploying innovative new technologies whilst upholding high safety and quality standards is what differentiates us in the industry,” noted Dr Poon. “We will continue to leverage our edge in innovation and technology to assist Hong Kong in boosting its Smart Mobility capabilities, creating a user-friendly environment for the community as we build a Smart City for all.”

Left: Official launch of the “Puzzle Stacking System Carpark”, providing services for 78 automated parking spaces out of a total of 245 parking spaces
Right: The semi-automatic parking system is equipped with a fast lifting platform. The driver needs only to park the car at a designated position and the platform will automatically move vertically or laterally to the vacant parking space

Anlev has effectively utilised the limited space to pursue tall structure development in the project to install six sets of a three-storey high “puzzle stacking system” carpark in the outdoor area, in compliance with the new Lifts & Escalators Ordinance to uphold the highest safety standards