Our Products


Product Description
Bluetooth Access Control Our intelligent mobile system can transform your mobile device into an access card using Bluetooth® wireless technology. We provide customisation for each individual requirement with our experience and knowledge across key market sectors.
Security Access Control System Our access control and security management system allows facilities egress and ingress of authorised personnel and materials. Our systems can be seamlessly integrated or interfaced with BMS, video surveillance system, public address system, carpark control system and facility booking system.
Video Surveillance System We offer one of the best video surveillance systems in the industry in terms of flexibility and user-friendliness. Our system enables seamless transfer of video and control signals between operator terminals and camera stations.
Visitor Management System Our visitor management module is a highly configurable, secure and easy-to-use solution that improves the overall security level and guest experience.
Door Entry System We offer a variety of stylishly designed door entry products including keypads, readers, video door phones and intercoms which are designed for efficiency and security.
Perimeter Security We offer a wide range of perimeter security technologies including electric fencing, disturbance sensors and tension sensors.
Wireless Lock System With the application of wireless sensor networks, real-time communication and data exchange are available across all connected devices through mobile apps, access cards and other devices.
Public Address System Our systems are flexible and easy to operate. Our user-friendly configuration software, specific functions such as audio programmes and emergency announcements can be easily programmed and revised by non-technical personnel.
Carpark Control System Our carpark control systems enable real-time monitoring and vehicular access control management. It supports most of the card readers available in the market and can be seamlessly integrated with central security systems.
SMATV/CABD Our SMATV systems allow the distribution of satellite television programs to all users within a building. SMATV / CABD system can share resources among multiple users.
Audio & Visual System (AV) ATAL provides a one-stop AV network solution comprising advanced AV services and our sophisticated network infrastructure.