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Product Description
Chiller Plant Energy Management Platform This is an award-winning solution at the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019 in the category of “Big Data & Open Data Applications”. This platform is an all-in-one intelligent system leveraging big data analytics and machine learning (ML) for achieving building energy efficiency and sustainable development. ATAL’s Dynamic Optimisation is built upon the basis of self-trained physics-guided ML models using actual operating data. This ensures energy performance of the whole chiller plant being optimised in real-time, using advanced modelling and optimisation techniques. Buildings can achieve up to 30% energy savings on chiller plant operations with the use of the platform, depending on the building types and the buildings’ current energy performance.
Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) Our FDD solution is an in-house developed, model-based algorithm for automatic detection and diagnosis of faults, including abnormal plant operation, equipment deterioration, as well as temperature and flow sensor faults. Our solution not only summarises the faults being detected, but also provides actionable intelligence to rectify those faults.
HVAC Air-side Optimisation This solution helps fully optimise energy performance of the airside system in real-time using advanced modelling and optimisation techniques. Our unique feature is the fault-tolerance optimisation which allows airside systems to keep a minimum energy use even under the conditions of faulty VAV boxes.
Energy Visualisation Tool Our unique energy dashboard provides energy managers with a high-level overview of energy consumption and related cost information. Managers can utilise the information for executing continuous assessment and improving energy efficiency for their buildings and businesses.
Energy Analytics Energy analytics turns raw data into insightful information and allows users to diagnose discrepancies in energy consumption. The use of energy analytics
makes it possible to discover hidden opportunities as well as usage patterns and trends, reducing energy consumption and operation cost.
Retro-commissioning Service This is a systematic process to check an existing building’s performance to identify operational improvements that can save energy and improve indoor
environment. We also provide an on-going commissioning plan for the building owners to maintain the building’s performance to a high level of energy efficiency.
Electrical Retrofit Service We survey the power quality of your power system and provide a brief report and recommend a suitable power factor correction system, specially designed for your plant.
Lighting Retrofit Service We analyse both interior and exterior lighting systems and address any inefficiencies by upgrading the lighting systems. Through retrofitting and installing superior lighting control systems, we can improve the overall energy efficiency in buildings.