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Product Description
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) As the sole local distributor of SIEL, a leading uninterruptible power supply (UPS) manufacturer in Italy, we provide Singe or Three Phase UPS systems with various power capacities and high efficiency for diversified applications. Modular, Lithium-ion and Transformer type / Transformer-less UPS systems are also available.
Battery We offer full range of AGM, GEL, Deep Cycle Lead Acid and Lithium batteries for UPS, Telecom applications, and Emergency and Security Systems. The batteries are built to IEC, JIS and BS standards and designed to operate under exceptional high-power requirements with long service lifespan.
Battery Monitoring System With the patented balancing process “Equalisation” from Generex, a leading German manufacturer Battery management system), their Battery Analysis & Care System (BACS) regulates the batteries’ charging within an optimal operating range of voltage to avoid undercharging and overcharging, as well as increasing the batteries’ lifespan by up to 30%.