Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Plants

The Stonecutter Island Plant, one of the world’s largest chemically enhanced primary treatment plants for sewage, has a daily capacity of up to 2.6 million metric tons daily and is a key part of the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS). ATAL’s team solved the problem of the small land parcel available at the Stonecutters Island site by double-decking the facility. It was recognised as one of Ten Hong Kong People Engineering Wonders in 2017 by the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers and has also won China’s Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize, named for the builder of China’s first railway, as one of the nation’s most technically advanced projects. Begun in 2004 as part of the Hong Kong government’s Harbour Area Treatment Scheme, by 2011 it had become a primary factor in making the waters of Victoria Harbour clean enough to resume the annual Cross-Harbour swimming race, begun in 1906 but suspended in 1978 due to rising pollution levels. The annual event has become a symbol of Hong Kong’s community spirit and commitment to sustainable lifestyles. ATAL has carried out design and build contracts including sludge dewatering, sedimentation, chemical dosing, and deodorisation. It has the design, build, and operate contract for sludge transportation via marine vessels to 2030.


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