Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

ATAL was responsible to upgrade the Building Management System (BMS) with Internet-of-Things (IoT) infrastructure and applications for Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). The scope of works includes replacing the current BMS at Phase 1 and 2 and the Atrium Link Extension by a custom-designed BMS with around 700 IoT sensors installed in the areas of the Grand Hall, exhibition halls, and public hallways, enabling centralised control of real-time monitoring, measuring and optimisation of the building’s performance.

The sensors, connected to the central BMS via a LoRa WAN gateway, transmit real-time data on water leakage, temperature, humidity and indoor air quality. End-users can access the data from a cloud-based platform to obtain actionable insights and intelligence for auditing, analysing and reporting purposes, greatly enhancing HKCES’s ability to manage risk, predict problems and streamline workflow.


 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre




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