Issue 80, Mar 2024

ATAL Builds Bridges with Broader Community at Hong Kong Engineers Week 2024


ATAL Engineering Group (ATAL) values its people and has long invested in talent development, demonstrated in its “Hong Kong Institute of Engineers Scheme A Graduate Training Programme” and the “Vocational Training Council Apprenticeship Programme” conducted since 1984, having nurtured more than 1,000 Graduate Trainees (GTs) and technician trainees for our Group and the industry over the years.

In our latest initiative to nurture young talent, our Group participated in the Hong Kong Engineers Week 2024. The event, pivotal for inspiring the youth and the community, was hosted by The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers under the theme “Be the Change” aligning with our Group’s mission to unveil the dynamic world of engineering, sparking curiosity and aspiration among attendees. We believe that introducing young minds to engineering’s vast opportunities and principles will develop innovators and future leaders who are expected to advance our community.

To engage and inspire these young minds, we enlisted 34 of our Graduate Trainees to help design and run interactive booth games. These activities, which incorporated STEM learning elements, provided a practical insight into engineering and reflected our Group’s core business areas, including Building Services, Environmental Engineering, Information, Communications and Building Technologies (ICBT), as well as Lifts and Escalators.

“By fully involving our Graduate Trainees in this event — from the initial booth planning and design to the execution of interactive activities — we showcased their creativity and nurtured exceptional teamwork,” stated Ir Brian Cheng, ATAL’s Managing Director. “Their involvement has sparked an interest in engineering among the broader community, effectively highlighting the importance of sustainable development and fostering a sense of shared value,” added Ir Cheng.

Leveraging opportunities to connect with the general public and younger generations, ATAL is focused on highlighting the benefits of the engineering profession and supporting talent development. Through our outreach programmes, we aim to continue contributing to the nurturing of future talent in our industry.

ATAL’s Ir Dave Chan, Chief Executive of Information, Communications and Building Technologies (Photo 1, second from the left), Ir Steven Lai, Chief Executive of Environmental Engineering (Photo 2, second from the left) and Mr Davis Liu, Director of Training and Development (Photo 3, first from the right) together with our colleagues showed their support at the Hong Kong Engineers Week 2024 and interacted with our visitors from all ages.

We believe the younger generation are our future and ATAL is delighted to leverage this opportunity to spark interest in engineering to the broader community.