Issue 62, Feb 2023

Experience Sharing: Adopting MiMEP to Meet Urgent Needs of the Community
經驗分享:應用機電裝備合成法 急社會所急


ATAL Engineering Group (ATAL)’s Managing Director Ir Brian Cheng has spoken earlier at the “Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme Leadership Summit 2022” organised by the Construction Industry Council (CIC).  Highlighting ATAL’s experience in the adoption of Multi-Trade Integrated Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MiMEP) in construction projects, Ir Cheng’s sharing was also published on CIC’s website as a showcase of recent technological development of the engineering industry.

As an illustration, Ir Cheng cited our recent project “Reprovisioning of Fu Shan Public Mortuary” to showcase the application of MiMEP in the early stage of project design and planning to meet customer’s demands, while achieving greater efficiency and enhancing safety of workers.

For instance, the technologies helped shorten the construction period of cooling towers from at least 90 days to 10 days. By adopting technologies and mobilising teams of workers on very short notice, we successfully completed the project to expand the urgently-needed capacity for meeting the surging demand due to the increase in mortality rate during the fifth wave of COVID.

Ir Cheng also pointed out that ATAL has a dedicated workshop in Hong Kong for pre-fabrication of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) modules to facilitate the MEP modularisation process. “While new techniques are important in modern construction, we should always appreciate traditional craftsmanship and learn from specialists, believing an integration of traditional and modern techniques will help the industry thrive and capture market opportunities.” Ir Cheng concluded.

As a pioneer in adopting MiMEP in Hong Kong, CIC’s case study article also explained the way ATAL improves productivity, efficiency, quality, and safety with MiMEP, recognising ATAL’s efforts in shaping a positive and innovative image of the industry.

Read the CIC article:

Ir Brian Cheng, ATAL’s Managing Director, cited “Reprovisioning of Fu Shan Public Mortuary” as an example to elaborate the benefits of applying MiMEP in construction projects. 

During the panel discussion, Ir Brian Cheng (second from right) shared his views on technological transformation and traditional craftsmanship.

The “Reprovisioning of Fu Shan Public Mortuary” underlined ATAL’s capability of addressing to the urgent needs of the community.