Issue 49, Jul 2022

Best ESG Enterprise Award Highlights ATAL’s Commitment to Sustainability

安樂工程榮獲ESG企業服務大奬 全力實踐可持續發展

ATAL Engineering Group has recently achieved the “Best ESG Enterprise Award” at “Sing Tao Service Awards 2021” for its outstanding Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) achievements, adding to a long list of business and sustainability awards achieved by the Group. The Best ESG Enterprise Award recognises companies which excel in sustainability and corporate social responsibility in their business operations.

Ir Dr Otto Poon, Chairman of ATAL Engineering Group, said, “As a leading electrical & mechanical (E&M) engineering service provider in Hong Kong, we are honoured to have achieved the Best ESG Enterprise Award. It testifies to our contribution to economic growth, environmental protection and quality of life – three key ideas of our sustainability work.”

Indeed, ATAL published its first stand-alone ESG Report in April. The new ESG Report unveils ATAL’s first Corporate Sustainability Strategy Framework which stipulates a more targeted and integrated approach to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and fighting climate change. Sustainability now infuses every aspect of the Group’s business and is one of its core values.

ATAL has always been a staunch advocate of environmental protection. Ever since the Group’s early days in the 1970s, ATAL has been exploring innovative ways to conserve and optimise natural resources and provide clients with energy-efficient E&M solutions for the Group’s multi-disciplinary portfolio: Building Services; Environmental Engineering; Information, Communications and Building Technologies; and Lifts and Escalators. Over the years we have applied ESG practices to numerous projects spanning landmark buildings, sewage and water treatment plants, hospitals, railways, airports, lifts and walkway systems, data centres and museums, just to name a few.

Our strengths in R&D and application of new technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), Multi-Trade integrated Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MiMEP), Internet-of-Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have also enabled us to offer cutting-edge digitalisation solutions to optimise operational efficiency, sustainability, worker safety and user experience for our client projects.

To further its commitment to sustainability, ATAL obtained its inaugural green loan of HK$300 million in December 2021, after becoming the first E&M engineering group in Hong Kong to be qualified for the Construction Industry Council Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme and obtaining the Green and Sustainable Finance Certification by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency. We now have a green finance framework with which to fund environmental projects more effectively.

“With our ESG achievements and Corporate Sustainability Strategy Framework, we are well positioned to continue pursuing the strategy of ‘New Technology, New Market, New Business Model’ for future growth and make the world a better place,” Ir Dr Poon concluded.

Left: Ir Raymond Chan (right), Managing Director of ATAL Engineering Group, receives the Best ESG Enterprise Award on behalf of the Group at “Sing Tao Service Awards 2021” ceremony
Right: Ir Raymond Chan (right), Managing Director of ATAL Engineering Group, and Ir Brian Cheng (left), Chief Executive of Building Services Engineering of ATAL Engineering Group, attended the award ceremony on behalf of ATAL