Issue 17, May 2021

Capitalising on the rising trend of ESG

In recent years, more and more investors are drawn to the topic of environmental, social and governance (ESG). They are paying more attention to the ESG performance of businesses which serve as indicators for making responsible investments, whereas companies are reviewing their ESG performance to improve operations as well as contribute to the society. At ATAL, we recognise the significance of ESG to different stakeholders, more importantly, we understand that ESG can be a framework for us to systematically consolidate our efforts for the environment, society and our corporate governance, integrating them with our daily operation, and ultimately create better value to our stakeholders.

Guided by our motto “We commit, We perform, We deliver”, we continued to step up our efforts in ESG. In addition to earning profit in our engineering solutions, we also collaborate with customers to achieve better environmental performance and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From renewable energy and sustainable wastewater treatment to innovative construction technologies, sustainable design techniques, we are capitalising on ESG framework and making use of innovative technologies to create high-quality solutions that positively impact the world.

Across our business segments, we have multi-disciplinary solutions which are helpful for contributing to the SDGs. For instance, wastewater discharge is one of the root causes of the global environment degradation, we have developed advanced wastewater treatment solutions to help cities improve water quality. Multiple cutting-edge technologies, including Aerobic Granular Sludge (“AGS”) treatment process and high-power ultrasound technology, have been introduced to enhance wastewater treatment. By adopting a combination of these environmental-friendly technologies, not only do we improve water quality, but also bring the wastewater treatment facilities closer to energy balance, further alleviating the impact on environment in terms of energy consumption.

Sustainable infrastructure is another focus area of our SDGs. With innovative construction technologies adopted to enhance resource use efficiency, process efficiency, work quality and worker safety, we have made great strides in environmental stewardship. In many of our projects, we applied Building Information Modelling (“BIM”) and modularisation of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (“MEP”) to substantially enhance the efficiency and quality of construction. More importantly, these technologies reduce considerable material wastage and minimise impact on the environment, helping us strike a good balance between economic benefits and environmental conservation.

In addition to leveraging innovative technologies and processes, we are also formulating new strategy to explore how sustainability trends will impact our business environment and value chain, and at the same time, offer new opportunities to us. Through strategic planning which aligns economic growth, environmental protection and quality of life, we are confident that we can better capture the tangible and intangible benefits and create long-term value for our stakeholders.

Sound strategies need proper and effective execution to produce the desired results. The Board at ATAL regularly reviews our ESG performance to ensure that our ESG-related goals are being met. Furthermore, we honour our responsibility to promote greater transparency. Through regular reporting and newsletters, we are able to provide stakeholders with accurate, fair and appropriate information to further enhance corporate transparency.

Going forward, we will add momentum to our ESG-related endeavours, including but not limited to formulating a sustainability strategy with clear goals and objectives, integrating ESG factors into our everyday business operations and promoting ESG among all levels of our staff. We will also increase investment in more innovative and sustainable technologies and continually review our governance structure and approaches. All these efforts will enable us to capture opportunities brought by the growing trend of sustainable business and deliver shareholder value while contributing to society.

Left: We adopted multiple cutting-edge technologies in our wastewater treatment solutions to reduce energy consumption, which in turn minimise the impact on the environment

Right: Innovative construction methods, such as BIM, helps improve project efficiency and reduce material wastage, bringing both financial and environmental benefits to the Group and the society

Newsletters and training are provided to staff to reinforce their understanding about ESG