Issue 12, Feb 2021

Anlev: Hong Kong’s Lifts and Escalators Brand Goes Global
安力電梯﹕建基香港 全球品牌

When ATAL founded its lifts and escalators subsidiary business in 1991, it envisaged a company with “A New Lift and Escalator Vision” and named it Anlev. Today, Anlev Elevator Group is not only an award-winning lifts and escalators contractor in Hong Kong known for safety and service quality, but also a global brand whose lifts, escalators and moving walkways are serving millions of users in Asia, the Americas and Europe.

With its own manufacturing facility in Nanjing, Anlev develops and manufactures world-class lifts, escalators and walkways that are exported to over 20 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Spain, Russia and South Korea. Its products are found in railway systems, airports, supermarkets, shopping malls, universities, and commercial and government buildings in major cities around the world.

“Anlev lifts, escalators and walkways are engineered for comfort, safety and energy efficiency,” said Ir Raymond Chan, Executive Director of ATAL Engineering Group. “We provide total solutions — from customised design and manufacturing to installation, maintenance and modernisation services — for passengers, freight and heavy-duty models, taking user experience to a new level,” he added.

Projects completed in recent years include the provision of escalators for Metro Trains Melbourne and escalators and walkways for the Melbourne Airport T2 expansion. In the UK, Anlev has a strong presence in public transport and commercial projects. At South Korea’s first high-speed railway station “Dongtan” and a major transfer hub, over 30 Anlev escalators have been installed to ensure efficient passenger transportation.

Back in Hong Kong, Anlev is a leading player, supplying a complete range of lift and escalator systems, including walkways, traction lifts, machine-room-less lifts and hydraulic lifts of any speed and capacity. Its lifts and escalators are used in major developments in Hong Kong, such as transportation terminals, universities, hospitals and amusement parks. Anlev also provides one-stop installation, repair, maintenance and modernisation services. Since the introduction of the quarterly Lift/Escalator Contractors’ Performance Rating system by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department in 2009, Anlev has consistently ranked as a top service provider in terms of safety and service quality.

Anlev’s outstanding performance in Hong Kong’s Central-Mid-Levels Escalator and Walkway System modernisation project also won it the first place in the “Escalators, Modernisation” category of the ELEVATOR WORLD’s 2021 Project of the Year contest.

The company has continued to make headway in residential and other market sectors. Admitted to the Hong Kong Housing Authority’s contractors list in 2018, Anlev won its first public housing estate contract in 2019 for passenger lift modernisation works at Fu Shan Estate, followed by another contract for passenger lift supply and installation at a subsidised housing estate in Shatin in 2020.

Other current works include the design, supply and installation of freight lifts at a new commercial development in Kai Tak. On culture and arts, a current project is to design, supply and install a heavy-duty freight lift at the new Hong Kong Palace Museum to ensure the smooth transportation in valuable national treasures. For healthcare services, Anlev is working on the design, supply and installation of lifts and escalators for phase 1 of the Queen Mary Hospital redevelopment project. As to infrastructure, the installation of lifts and escalators for the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities at the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, opened in 2018, was a major success.

“With Anlev’s international presence, we shall continue to build this global brand and grow our overseas lift and escalator business, with a focus on the UK, Europe and the US,” said Ir Chan. Meanwhile, Anlev will continue to play a key role in its home market of Hong Kong, providing top-quality supply, installation, maintenance and modernisation services with cutting-edge technology.

Left: We participate in phase 1 of the Queen Mary Hospital redevelopment project

Right: Hong Kong’s Central-Mid-Levels Escalator and Walkway System modernisation project has earned international accolades

Left: Anlev has supplied and installed 30 escalators at South Korea Dongtan Station to ensure efficient passenger transportation

Right: For Melbourne Airport T2 expansion, Anlev has supplied 9 escalators and 7 moving walkways