Issue 16, Apr 2021

Enabling A Smart City Class Vehicle Examination Complex

The concept of smart city has given rise to plenty of possibilities in our everyday lives, so do business opportunities for the E&M industry. ATAL has tapped into the business of smart mobility included in the Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint. A great example showcasing our commitment to and capabilities in developing the smart mobility business is the newly opened vehicle examination complex in Tsing Yi.

The state-of-the-art vehicle examination complex is to replace three existing facilities in Kowloon and enhance vehicle examination efficiency with latest technology. Officially launched this month, the Transport Department Vehicle Examination Complex (TDVEC) will centralise the annual examination process for public transport passenger vehicles, all types of goods vehicles and special purpose vehicles.

The entire process will be streamlined through the deployment of advanced automation equipment in this multi-storey inspection complex.

ATAL was awarded the contract for the design, supply, installation, testing and integration of advanced vehicle examination equipment and vehicle inspection control and scheduling systems for the TDVEC.

The automated examination lanes will position vehicles at designated spots for inspection and display the results in real time – all with minimum human intervention. The entire system adopts a shared interfacing that allows different equipment and machines to communicate with each other. To take future expansion and upgrade need into consideration, the system is built with scalability in mind, adding or upgrading new equipment would never be a problem.

In additional to streamlining the inspection process, we have also installed intelligent precaution devices such as third roller at brake tester, vehicle presence sensors and a programmable logic controller to ensure safety throughout the entire process.

The fully integrated vehicle examination equipment and inspection control system will improve vehicle examination efficiency, while providing a safe and reliable vehicle inspection experience, thereby contributing to Hong Kong’s development as a leading-edge smart city.

Ir Dave Chan, our Chief Executive for Information, Communications & Building Technologies (ICBT), said: “As the first of its kind in Hong Kong, the TDVEC project allows us to showcase our multi-disciplinary capability and demonstrate our seamless interplay of electrical, mechanical and information technologies – all to achieve optimal operational efficiency.”

He added: “ATAL looks forward to furthering our support for the city’s smart city initiatives, both in the public and private sectors. We are ready to demonstrate our commitment to delivering a high-quality service that will help accelerate Hong Kong’s transformation into a world-class smart city.”

ATAL enables Hong Kong’s state-of-the-art TDVEC with hi-tech vehicle examination capabilities

Advanced vehicle examination equipment and inspection control systems help streamline the vehicle inspection process