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Product Description
Piston & Diaphragm Pump High-quality Piston Pump and Diaphragm Pump which are manufactured with first-class raw materials and modern production methods, providing effective solution for solid/slurry transfer.
ColiMinder® (On-line E.coli Analyzer) ColiMinder® is a fully automated measurement system for measuring the level of E.coli in wastewater within 15 minutes whereas traditionally it takes days to obtain result. This device enhances the process efficiency and energy optimisation.
Chain Scraper System DEWA chain scraper system is a reliable and user-friendly solution for scum and sludge removal of rectangular settling basins with advantages of its high removal efficiency, lower energy consumption, and low maintenance costs.
Filtralite® (Filter Media) Filtralite® filter media are inert clay particles with a dense porous shell which are suitable for different water and wastewater treatment processes.
Grinder / Shredder High-quality wastewater grinder can reduce pump clogging, protect process equipment, reduce solids and keep wastewater systems running smoothly.
Gas Engine The gas engine is designed for maximum electrical and thermal efficiency, low operating and service costs, and high reliability and availability.
Biogas Holder The biogas holder is permanently gas-tight, easy to be installed, and suitable to be used under extreme weather, like heavy wind and snow. It has long service lifespan and high operational reliability.
Sludge Sliding Frame, Storage & Handling Solutions/ Material Handling System The material handling system is used for receiving, conveying, measuring and storage of bulk materials which are difficult to handle, such as sewage and water sludge, paper waste / paper sludge, coal sludge, dry or wet flakes, sander dust, shredder food waste and wood chips.
Crane We provide a wide range of high-quality cranes and its components to worldwide customers. The products can be customised according to customers’ needs and they are with international standard and explosion-proof design.
Static Mixer The motionless mixers in both pipes and channels are carefully designed to provide highly-efficient mixing effect, decreasing the energy consumption and chemical dosage in operation.
High-Power Ultrasound System The patented ULTRAWAVES high-power ultrasound system has a compact design and it increases the efficiency in the production of environmental-friendly energy.