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Product Description
Integrated Building Management System (iBMS) Our technology knowhow in iBMS allows seamless integration with various building services systems including HVAC, lighting, electrical, fire services,
plumbing and drainage, renewable energy, CCTV and access control on a dedicated platform that provides highly efficient centralised control, monitoring and management while increasing the overall ‘smart value’ of buildings.
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Our full PLC product range enables us to customise diverse control solutions and perform different tasks. ATAL’s PLC responds to new challenges promptly,
flexibly and cost-effectively.
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) With this advanced system, you can keep monitoring the overall performance of the control loop and entire sites or a host of system complexes spread out over
large areas. Special features include true DCS style redundancy, scalability and unrivalled flexibility.
Power Quality Management System (PQMS) PQMS is a platform and interface to collect, tabulate, analyse and present data to various stakeholders. With data collected by the various field devices, the collected information is further analysed and trended on historical records.
Energy Management System We offer professional energy management systems featuring real-time trend logs of various types of data. With its user-friendly dashboards and informative
energy reports, users can access the performance index easily. It also allows energy managers to identify Energy Management Opportunities (EMO) and review their ROI in an efficient way.
Lighting Control System ATAL offers lighting control solutions for applications, including intelligent wireless systems, dimming effects, scene settings and lighting zone controls.
Home Automation System It enables optimum access and control of home equipment, such as audio visual equipment, household appliances, security systems, computers and
communication equipment. Even users with no technical background can monitor and control their equipment, hassle free.
Hotel Guestroom Control System (RCU) Our products allow hotel owners to provide guests with the convenience of in-room multiple devices operation via an automated interface that controls lighting, temperature, drapes and audio/video systems, delivering total guest satisfaction and enhancing customer service quality.