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Product Description
Automated Vehicle Clearance System We provide efficient and secure immigration and customs clearance at border checkpoints, applying automation and biometric technology. The streamlined immigration process enables travellers to experience efficient and responsive services, and has also helped border control operators increase their capacity and reduce manpower needs.
Automated Passenger Clearance System The passenger e-Channel is an automated border control system built for the HKSAR Government. The system is integrated with a wide range of technologies to enable self-service immigration clearance. By leveraging the smart identity card and biometric verification technologies, the passenger e-Channel is equipped with features such as fingerprint scanning, optical character recognition and radio-frequency identification, streamlining the clearance procedure and enhancing the border control operator’s handling capacity. As of today, over 600 units of automated passenger e-Channels have been built and in operation at various control points.
Smart Parking System The smart parking system consists of robotic conveyors, IoT technologies, video analytics, mobile applications, etc. has been designed to enhance user experience and increase efficiency in land use.
Vehicle Examination System We offer project-specific solutions with a perfect interplay of electrical, mechanical and information technologies to facilitate optimal operational efficiency. All vehicle examination equipment can be controlled by a computer system which enables the examination results of the vehicles to be digitised and displayed on a monitor in real-time. Also the built-in examination equipment sensors are able to differentiate different vehicles to streamline classifications and inspections.
Container Code & License Plate Recognition System Using intelligent image processing technology, our container code recognition system is able to recognise the unique codes from an image or video signal through custom-designed algorithms for central processing.
Traffic Control and Surveillance System (TCSS) We provide traffic control and surveillance systems for use at tunnels, highways, bridges, airports, etc.
Biometric Verification Systems Our biometric technology which can recognise fingerprints, iris patterns, or facial characteristics is capable of ensuring fast and reliable protected access to information.
IT Network Infrastructure

Our IT network infrastructure serves different systems in buildings, including video surveillance systems, wireless LAN systems, PA systems, access control & security management systems and BMS.

  • IT Structure Cabling
  • Network System
  • Wired and Wireless Data Network System
  • IP PABX System