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Product Description
Ductile Iron / Stainless Steel Pipes & Fittings Ductile iron / stainless steel pipes and fittings provide long-term efficiency and protection for diverse water and wastewater applications.
Polyethylene (PE) / Epoxy Coated Cast Iron Pipes & Fittings Our pipes for water and sewer management are manufactured for excellent performance and durability. Highly resistant to corrosion and weather, their light weight and flexibility make it easy for installation, eliminating the need for fittings arising from directional changes.
Penstock / Stop log Stop Logs are designed for open channel installations in waste treatment plants, irrigation systems, hydraulic works and hydro-electric power plants.
Floodgates An effective flood protection barrier with simple and robust design is necessary for businesses to protect their properties from being damaged by floodwaters.
Valves We provide a wide range of valves that shut off, regulate, prevent, relieve, direct or control the flow of fluids by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passage ways.
Strainers We provide strainers for all types of piping systems to protect piping equipment by removing debris from the liquid that flows through pipelines.
Fans Our varied range of high safety fans, including air-conditioning and smoke ventilation, for industrial and commercial use can help maintain comfortable environment in a number of ways.
UV Disinfection Systems Our UV solution is customised for disinfection of drinking water, process water, and other high UV transmittance liquids. UV water treatment eliminates the risks associated with on-site storage and handling of hazardous chemicals, keeping your treatment plant protected from accidental leaks.
Pump We provide reliable and high quality water and wastewater pump systems for domestic, municipal, constructional and industrial applications.
Environmental Systems We purify and treat water sources with sustainable technologies.