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Product Description
Screw / Centrifugal / Oil-free Chiller We carry a range of green air-conditioning systems, covering screw, centrifugal, absorption, air-cooled chillers systems and more.
Heat Pump / Heat Recovery System We provide a full range of green air-conditioning systems including screw, centrifugal, absorption, and air-cooled chillers, as well as water-cooled heat pumps, heat pump chillers, heat recovery systems, heat pumps and heat recovery chillers.
Cooling Tower / Closed Type Cooler We offer customers both open and closed-circuit type cooling towers in the form of induced or forced draft. Hundreds of models are available for different applications.
Pump System We carry a full range of pumps and pump systems for heating, air-conditioning, cooling, water supply and sewage disposal with a high level of performance, flexibility, reliability and energy efficiency.
Automatic Tube Cleaning System Our automatic tube cleaning system is designed with energy saving sponge balls circulating repeatedly through the chiller condenser tubes to prevent any contamination and enhance energy efficiency.
Filtration System We provide a full range of products including centrifugal, disc and media filtration to protect your cooling water against contamination, suspended solids, and even legionnaire’s disease.
Variable Refrigerant Flow System (VRF) We provide a complete line of VRF systems, including both horizontal and vertical discharge types. Our full range of indoor units includes slim air duct units and fresh air units.
Split Type Air-conditioner We provide residential air conditioning solutions which are energy efficient and easy to install.
VAV and CAV System By combining our DDC control technology and air terminal units, ATAL provides you with a one-stop shop solution to meet your VAV & CAV requirements.
Venturi & PPS Fast Response Air Valve The scalable system is designed to regulate and monitor individual fume cupboards and clean rooms to ventilate an entire laboratory building.
Desiccant Dehumidification System We provide a wide range of desiccant dehumidification systems, a more energy efficient method of humidity control compared to traditional cooling and re-heating methods.
Chilled Beam / Ceiling With our state-of-the-art energy saving and innovative radiant cooling system, our customers save 20-30% on energy costs compared with conventional systems.
Pressure Independent Balancing Control Valves (PIBCV) The valves deliver precise hydronic balancing and high controllability to meet the desired room temperature for maximum comfort in cooling and heating systems.
HVAC Control We offer a complete line of HVAC control products including control valves and actuators, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, dew point sensors, flow meters and energy meters.
Variable Speed Drive (VSD) We provide a wide range of VSDs from demand control ventilation for PAU / AHUs to variable flow control for chilled water pumps and condensing water pumps.
EC Plug Fan The upgrade from AC to EC plug fans does not only enhance energy savings, but simplify installation processes at the same time. The compact design of EC fan enables easy retrofitting with a plug and play approach. Also, the highly-efficient motor ensures smooth operation with reduced noise.