Issue 82, Apr 2024

ATAL’s AMSFS III x AlgoWater Achieves Certificate of Merit at The HKIE Grand Award 2024

安樂工程的創新水和污水處理技術於「香港工程師學會大獎2024」榮獲 「優異獎」

ATAL Multi-Stages Flocculation Sedimentation III (AMSFS III) x AlgoWater, our all-in-one innovative solution for water and wastewater treatment, has achieved Certificate of Merit in the Innovation Category (Sub-category II – An Innovative Application) at the “HKIE Grand Award 2024” organsied by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.

The award aims to champion the diverse contributions that the engineering profession has made to the community’s development. Designed to meet the ever-growing demand for cleaner water for drinking or waste discharge, the award acknowledges the integration of AMSFS III x AlgoWater’s Digital Twin technology and Physics-Guided Machine Learning into water and wastewater treatment, providing real-time prediction and optimised chemical dosing. Paired with its transportable design, this mobile, agile and AI-enabled solution effectively converts wastewater to clean water in an innovative and environmentally friendly manner, contributing to a greener aquatic ecosystem.

“AMSFS III x AlgoWater’s journey from the initial concept to the finished product was marked by countless trials and challenges. During the development phase, our team effectively utilised the expertise and collaboration of our Group’s regional teams from Hong Kong, Nanjing, and Shanghai,” stated Ir Steven Lai, ATAL’s Chief Executive of Environmental Engineering (2nd from right). “This recognises our  cross-border teams’ collaborations and capability of in-house technological development to serve customers and the community,” added Ir Lai.

Sharing this memorable event, ATAL’s Founder Dr Otto Poon (1st from left), Head of Smart Data Automation Mr Mark Leung (2nd from left), and Sales and Marketing Manager Ms Alvis Fong (1st from right) joined Ir Lai in attending the Award Presentation Ceremony to receive the award. This recognition testifies our Group’s contributions to green innovations, resulting in benefits for the environment and the community.