Issue 67, Jun 2023

ATAL Showcases Environmental Engineering Capabilities in IE Expo China 2023

ATAL participated in IE Expo China 2023, one of the leading exhibitions of the environmental industry in Asia, held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre earlier. Our booth showcased ATAL’s signature environmental engineering projects, innovative solutions and technology applications in the Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas markets, including our award-winning, inhouse-developed wastewater treatment technology “ATAL Multi-Stages Flocculation Sedimentation III (AMSFS III)”, “Automatic Refuse Collection System” and “Digital Twin”.

The three-day event gathered about 2,400 exhibitors and more than 91,000 trade visitors from 68 countries and regions around the world, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and solutions in water and wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment, resources recycling and more. With the Chinese Society for Environmental Science and the China Environment Chamber of Commerce among the co-organisers, the expo provided an ideal networking and business development platform for professionals in the environmental industry.

ATAL’s booth attracted a wide range of visitors from the industry, including the Mainland’s large-scale environmental enterprises and main contractors, medium- and small- scale environmental companies, and agents of imported wastewater treatment equipment and products. ATAL’s municipal wastewater treatment capabilities and other innovative technologies were of particular interest to visitors.

ATAL’s Chief Executive of Environmental Engineering Ir Steven Lai and General Manager of Environmental Engineering in Mainland China Mr Roy Zhang were interviewed by CCTV and IE Expo China’s official media to share insights into ATAL’s products, technologies and services, overview of the market and other industry hot topics.

Our team shared ATAL’s rich experiences in environmental engineering with fellow industry professionals, the academia and government officials from both the Mainland and overseas during the three-day event. The innovative solutions and exchange of insights from exhibitors inspired us to pursue further excellence in environmental engineering.

Ir Raymond Chan (5th from left on front row), Chief Executive Officer of ATAL Engineering Group, is glad to see the showcase of ATAL’s expertise in environmental engineering at IE Expo China 2023.

Ir Steven Lai (left on photo 2), ATAL’s Chief Executive of Environmental Engineering, and Mr Roy Zhang (left on photo 3), General Manager of Environmental Engineering in Mainland China, were interviewed by CCTV and IE Expo China’s official media to share insights into ATAL’s strengths in environmental engineering.