Issue 70, Aug 2023

Analogue Achieves “Outstanding Listed Companies Award” for Third Consecutive Year

Analogue Holdings Limited (stock code: 1977) has achieved the “Outstanding Listed Companies Award” organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Financial Analysts and Professional Commentators (IFAPC) for the third consecutive year. The accolade marks the Group’s excellence in business performance, corporate transparency and investor relations.

“We are delighted to receive the award again and will continue to steer our future development by leveraging our diversified business portfolio and adoption of innovative technologies,” said Ir Dr Otto Poon, Chairman of Analogue Holdings Limited.

Ir Dr Poon outlined Analogue’s business strategies in an interview by Mr Patrick Pun, IFAPC Vice Chairman and veteran stock commentator. “Our three strategic pillars of ‘New Technology’, ‘New Market’ and ‘New Business Model’ will guide our future growth,” said Ir Dr Poon. Leveraging its growth strategies, Analogue strives to innovate new technologies and solutions for energy optimisation, in support of sustainable development of the industry through assisting the Group’s customers to save costs while reducing carbon emissions.

“Our customers are delighted to see our solutions help them reduce energy consumption in their buildings, supporting the enhancement of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance,” said Ir Dr Poon.

Ir Dr Poon also shared his insights from the three-day ATAL Seminar Series “Smart Sustainability: People・Innovation・Environment” held last year. The insightful event brought together the Group’s thought leaders, industry experts, professionals and academics to explore and promote the development of smart city, green economy and decarbonisation. Ir Dr Poon concluded that Analogue, as a leading sustainability conscious company, would continue to promote innovative green solutions and practices for betterment of the community.

Ir Dr Otto Poon (right), Chairman of Analogue Holdings Limited (stock code: 1977), shares the Group’s business strategies with Mr Patrick Pun (left), IFAPC Vice Chairman and veteran stock commentator.