ATAL Spearheads to Participate in InnoCell Project
A Pioneering MiC Project in Hong Kong Integrating BIM with MEP Modularisation

Hong Kong, 7 July 2020

Analogue Holdings Limited (stock code: 1977) together with its subsidiaries (referred to as “ATAL Engineering Group”, “ATAL” or the “Group”), a leading electrical and mechanical (“E&M”) engineering service provider in Hong Kong, today announced that the InnoCell project with the Group’s participation in E&M part, one of the first Modular Integrated Construction (“MiC”) pilot projects in Hong Kong, has entered the final stage. The Group expects the entire project to complete in the fourth quarter this year. Located in the Hong Kong Science Park, InnoCell is one of the first three MiC pilot projects in the city, mainly to accommodate the innovative professionals working there.

As an enterprise actively participating in the R&D and promotion of innovative technologies, ATAL has applied the Building Information Modelling (“BIM”) technology in this MiC project and integrated it with modularisation of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (“MEP”) systems. Using the BIM technology, MiC works in the factory and off-site pre-fabrication of MEP systems can be well coordinated to enable seamless assembly or installation of different modules at the construction site. Completed modules are inspected for quality and statutory compliance before transporting to the site for assembly and installation.

Comparing with the conventional approach, MEP modularisation substantially enhances efficiency and construction quality and also reduces material wastage. As one of the early adopters of BIM in Hong Kong, the Group has a team of experienced inhouse BIM modellers and possesses extensive experiences in building models and pre-fabrication. Coupled with its self-developed MEP modularisation system, the Group is capable to take part in this important and complicated project with stringent requirements.

Dr Otto Poon Lok-To, Chairman of ATAL Engineering Group, said, “ATAL has strived to achieve the strategies of New Technology, New Market and New Business Model. In regard to New Technology, we have been actively exploring and developing new technologies so as to improve productivity and quality of construction. Thanks to the continuous innovation and commitment towards excellence, we are pleased to be at the leading edge of E&M engineering companies to take part in the MiC projects in the city. These new technologies will be able to further improve the productivity and faciliate procedures, we believe they will become a major trend in the industry. Looking ahead, we will try to adopt more innovative technologies in other engineering projects and strive to enhance our R&D capability to promote technological development and adoption, thus to achieve better operational efficiency and further strengthen our competitiveness in the market as well as to consolidate our leading position in the industry.”

MiC is an innovative method that is set to change the construction landscape. By adopting the concept of “factory assembly followed by on-site installation”, the on-site construction procedures can be reduced. By switching the construction procedures into a controlled environment within the factory, the buildings can basically be completed off-site, thus ensuring better quality of construction and safety of workers.

The InnoCell project has gained industry-wide recognition and garnered the Second Award in the “Housing and Institutional (Concept)” category in the “Rethinking The Future Awards 2020”, which signifies that Hong Kong’s architectural industry continues to enter a new frontier.


About ATAL Engineering Group
Established in 1977 and headquartered in Hong Kong, the Group is a leading E&M engineering service provider in Hong Kong, with substantial operations in Macau and mainland China. The Group provides multi-disciplinary and comprehensive E&M engineering and technology services in different segments, including Building Services, Environmental Engineering, ICBT and Lifts & Escalators to a wide spectrum of customers from the banking, property development, education, entertainment, hospitality, information technology, data centres, transportation and utilities sectors, as well as departments of the Hong Kong SAR Government. The Group also manufactures and sells Anlev lifts and escalators internationally. The Group’s associate partner, Nanjing Canatal Data Centre Environmental Tech Company Limited (stock code: 603912.SS), is specialised in manufacturing of precision air conditioners. This year, the Group also acquired 51% of equity interests of Transel Elevator & Electric Inc., one of the largest independent lifts and escalators companies in New York and established its first footprint in the USA.

Innocell, one of the first MiC pilot projects in Hong Kong, has entered the final stage.
ATAL is at the leading edge of E&M engineering companies to take part in the MiC projects in Hong Kong.
Using BIM technology, ATAL enabled seamless assembly of off-site pre-fabrication works at the construction site.
ATAL's MEP modularisation substantially enhances efficiency and quality of E&M works while reducing wastage.