ATAL Wins HKSA Distinguished Award on coastline Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

Hong Kong, 17 June 2016

Taking pride in breaking barriers on technology, ATAL Engineering Group’s Integrated ICT Solutions is honoured to receive the distinguished award for its coastline Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS). The award was accredited by the Hong Kong Security Association (HKSA) under the category of Innovative Technical Security Solution / Integration Projects.

PIDS is specially designed for augmenting the outdoor CCTV system to reduce the false alarm caused by the inclement weather. The system has gained the trust and goodwill among the public service companies in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Electric has adopted the system and operated at Lama Power Plant. It is regarded as the pioneer in Hong Kong for bringing new idea to local security solutions. “We are very proud of the PIDS and we are having good feedback from our clients like the Hong Kong Electric as they comment it is a reliable system”, says Karen Poon, Chief Executive, Corporate Strategy & IT Business.

Team of five ATAL engineers took one and a half year to finish this project from concept design, production, pilot test, installation, testing & commission, operating and maintenance. The PIDS can analyse the data according to the object size, movement pattern to determine whether it is valid to trigger an alarm accurately by using the two-dimensional laser sensors.

In order to detect the rapid weather changes, the system has two operation modes, normal and heavy rain modes. These modes can interchange automatically and immediately when it is responding to sudden changes of the physical weather, which ensure the sensor is operating in an optimum level to detect the existence of the object.

This award manifests the efforts ATAL has been put on innovating security technology are recognised. To step forward, ATAL is exploring the possibility of applying the technology at railway safety purpose. We are committed to take challenges and offer our endless innovation continuously in advancing our technological solutions to our customers.

Representatives of ATAL received the distinguished award accredited by HKSA under the category of Innovative Technical Security Solution / Integration Projects.
The laser sensor at Lama Power Plant's coastline.