ATAL shows great support to Hong Kong Green Day and wins the Green Run – 10km Corporate Challenge

Hong Kong, 5 June 2016

ATAL Engineering Group (ATAL) commits to environmental engineering and the best utilising our energy to ensure the sustainability of environmental protection.  These are also the crucial elements to create a brighter future for the community and our next generation.  ATAL endeavours to promote environmental protection and show great support to the “Hong Kong Green Day” by spares no effort to support Green Day which is launched by the Green Council.  Apart from sponsoring the event, we also encourage staff to be part of it.

Chairman, Ir Dr Otto Poon, attended the Hong Kong Green Day kick-off ceremony which was held on 5th June at Hong Kong Science Park with the Secretary of Development, Mr. Paul Chan Mo Po, MH, JP and the Chairperson of the Green Council, Dr. Hon Priscilla Leung Mai Fun and other officiating guests to unveil the Hong Kong Green Day. The mood among all guests was boosted by the highlighted performance, Lion Dance. By climbing to the top of columns, two lions were blessing all participants and congratulating the success of the event.

To promote the green message, almost twenty ATAL runners were resolved to practice by joining the Green Run – 10km Corporate Challenge by forming three teams. The result they obtained were encouraging, two teams ranked at top five among more than ten competitors. One of them even won the 2nd runner-up.

Hong Kong Green Day is organised by the Green Council which aims at increasing the public awareness of green living and understanding the inseparable relationship between environment and daily lives. ATAL is also striving on environmental protection and proactively participating in environmental engineering projects. Under the threats of global warming, ATAL’s high-calibre professionals make the pledge to assist Hong Kong migrates to a green city through enhancement, research and development of energy saving facilities, wastewater treatment and different environmental improvement projects.  We are shoulder by shoulder with the city to build our green future.

ATAL Staff obtained an outstanding result at Green Run – 10km Corporate Challenge
Ir Dr Otto Poon, the Chairman of the Group attended the Hong Kong Green Day Kick-off Ceremony.