The “e-Channel”, “Habour Area Treatment Scheme” and “International Commerce Centre” projects were selected as three of “The Ten Hong Kong People Engineering Wonders in the 21st Century”

Hong Kong, 27 April 2013

Analogue Group of Companies (ATAL) is delighted to announce that the “Hong Kong e-Channel”, “Habour Area Treatment Scheme” (HATS) and “International Commerce Centre” (ICC), which we participated in, were selected as three of “The Ten Hong Kong People Engineering Wonders in the 21st Century ”, organised by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE).  The voting campaign that included the election being open to the public, aims to publicise the greatest engineering projects that engineers make to improving living standards and enhancing Hong Kong’s development.

The “e-Channel” is fully designed and operated by ATAL, and it is considered as the world’s most successful automated passenger clearance system.  Since 2004, the “e-Channel” has contributed to the speed and efficiency of visitors coming to Hong Kong by enabling fast moving and convenient cross-border traveling services.  The “e-Channel” is now entering the global market and it has exhibited in Bangkok and Paris and we are successfully attracting attention from government officials and business solution providers around the world.

The Habour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS), which we took part in, was voted 2nd position in the public poll, which is a great result.  In the Scheme, the Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works plays a major role and ATAL mainly provided the sludge dewatering facilities, and installed covers and deodorisation facilities to the existing sedimentation tanks.  Another awarded project is the International Commerce Centre, and we provided plumbing and drainage works to the Ritz-Carlton in ICC, as well as the VAV boxes for the room air-conditioning systems.

Being part of these winning projects is a big boost for us, and thanks to the innovative ideas and hard work of our staff, we are gaining increasing recognition both from the engineering industry and the general public.

For more information about the campaign, kindly visit:  HERE

ATAL Group Chairman Ir Dr Otto Poon (middle) visited the award exhibition.