We have a dedicated engineering team engaged in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of special E&M infrastructure systems for data centres. These demand exacting quality in their coordination, project planning, testing and commissioning as well as energy-efficient and problem-free operation. We also provide air-conditioning units with precision controls for temperature and humidity, uninterruptible power supplies, battery monitoring systems, and water detection systems of the type commonly used in data centres. Data centre operators and owners of banking facilities are our major customers in this segment.

Among our recent achievements is design and construction of a data centre in Hong Kong for one of China’s major state-owned telecommunications groups. Growing broadband penetration, increasing Internet speeds, and growth in data consumption from digital media and e-commerce have underlined the growth potential of data centres in Hong Kong and the mainland. The growth of ATAL’s data centres business has been driven in part by mainland Chinese technology companies which have rapidly expanded their corporate data centres in Hong Kong. The information technology, cloud services, media content and telecommunications sectors are the main catalysts for the market while the financial services industry represents the largest customer base, driving growth in the number of data centres as well as a rise in building services.