Our Mission and Core Values

For us, engineering is a passion. Our motto is “We commit, we perform, we deliver.” Whether the challenge is part of a mega-project or a single installation, we approach it with the same tenacity and determination.

We are fascinated by complexity and technology but never forget the trust our customers have in us to deliver on time and on budget, and with the highest standards of professional integrity. Our Hong Kong heritage is reflected in our readiness to solve any problem and to meet every challenge. It’s what we in Hong Kong call the “can do” spirit, and we are ready to take it to the world, whether to a shopping mall in Shanghai or Hong Kong’s first organic resources recovery centre. In our two largest business segments of building services and environmental engineering, we like to say that we provide everything but the bricks and mortar for any building or infrastructure project. In today’s digital age, that includes data monitoring and management systems as well as the Internet of Things, connecting digital devices with networks. We are moving fast down the path of digital innovation in all of our disciplines and intend to move faster still.